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Tenuta Marliana is working to establish the code of ethics in the company as it believes in the value of work and considers the legality, correctness and transparency of acting indispensable prerequisites for achieving its economic, productive and social objectives.
The fundamental values on which the company's activity is based are:
1. Integrity in compliance with Laws and Regulations
Tenuta Marliana undertakes to create and provide quality services and to compete on the market according to principles of fair and free competition and transparency, maintaining correct relationships with all public, governmental and administrative institutions, with citizens and with third-party companies.
2. Repudiation of any discrimination
In decisions that affect relationships with interested parties - be they employees, customers, suppliers, institutions, surrounding communities - Tenuta Marliana avoids any discrimination based on age, sex, sexuality, state of health, race, nationality, political opinions and religious beliefs of its interlocutors.
3. Centrality, development and enhancement of human resources and equity of authority.
Tenuta Marliana recognizes the centrality of human resources and believes that an essential factor for success and development is the professional contribution of the people who work there.
4. Territorial roots.
The company promotes local development through a strong connection with the various actors of the reference territorial community. It therefore acts in the local community for the development of a rich and generative society, capable of recognizing and enhancing the resources that compose it, the skills and potential present, gender, cultural and ethnic differences, promoting well-being, integration and development social.
5. Transparency and business ethics.
The history, identity and values of Tenuta Marliana originate in a business ethics based on reliability, solidity, transparency, correctness in the contractual context;
6. Quality.
Quality is a distinctive element of Tenuta Marliana which is committed and responsible to ensure quality in every activity, in line with its long-term strategy.
7. Diversity.
The company requires from its directors, employees and collaborators behaviors that guarantee the most absolute respect for the dignity of people.
8. Legality and fight against terrorism and crime
Tenuta Marliana deeply believes in democratic values and condemns any activity that may have the purpose of terrorism or subversion of the democratic order.

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