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Our Organic Company


Tenuta Marliana is located in the hilly area that surrounds Cerreto Guidi, a typical centre of Tuscany which owes its name to the presence of the Guidi Counts, an ancient noble family, to whom around the middle of the 10th century was assigned the feudal territory.

The presence of the Medici family then, a famous Florentine caste, will leave a profound mark on the history of the town. Located in a wonderful setting, it extends over 20 hectares cultivated partly with vineyards and partly with olive groves, orchards and seeds and it is involved in viticulture, oenology and olive culture.



Handcrafted production

In Tenuta Marliana, each manufacturing phase is carried out by hand in order to obtain the products in the highest quality. Our products are organic and represent the best expression of the local traditions.


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